Indian YouTuber: 10 Random Things in a Girls Room

Hello Everyone,

Howdy? How was you weekend? Mine was pretty hectic. I shot and uploaded a new YouTube Video for you guys! I am showing 10 Random Things in a Girls Room – well my room to be specific.

10 Random Things in a Girls Room

I know its been a long time since I last uploaded a video. I was busy with my job and never really had the motivation to shoot and edit. But, this weekend, for some strange reason inspiration hit and I felt the need to shoot and upload more regularly. Even if it means giving up my 2 days of weekend. I love making fun videos.

In this video, I am showing 10 random things from my room. Its short and super quick. You would find these 10 things in any girls bedroom.

Let me know if you want me to do more of these videos or would you rather prefer me doing makeup tutorials? And don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you like it, they really do help me. Love you all, muah.

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Disclaimer: None of these items were sent to me.

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