About Me

I am Sahana Ramanand from Bangalore, India. An Engineer by qualifications. A UX Designer by profession. A Beauty & Fashion blogger by heart. And you are welcome to my beauty and fashion love home, my Glamour Journals.

Indian Fashion Blogger: Halloween Grecian Fashion; How to style white dresses with gold accessories

Indian Fashion Blogger: Halloween Grecian Fashion; How to style white dresses with gold accessories

I blog on my days off and whenever I have free time. I have always been obsessed with beauty, fashion, makeup and anything pretty really and I decided it was time that I shared my passion with the rest of the world. There is nothing as satisfying as writing about things you really love and finding out that a lot of people out there actually relate to them.


Other than beauty, I am obsessed with reading books. I love reading books so much that at one point I considered becoming a librarian – just so I can be around lots of books and have enough time to read them all. But of course, I’ve also considered becoming an astronaut, an actress, a journalist…..the list is long. I am a dreamer. You are never too old to believe in fairy tales.

I also follow a lot of useless television. But for all you know, these shows might help me save the world someday…..My all-time favorite show is friends.

About my skin: I have sensitive, oily skin which is allergic to parabens. I battle with acne every now and then. I know how it feels to have them. I have shared my tips and remedies about how to deal with acne on the blog here, check them out. And if you have any queries at all, do contact me here – If I can help any of you, my mission here is a little closer to being complete.

Hair: I have straight hair.

Height: 5’4…. Yeah, I wish I was 5’7 but whatever.

Ethnicity: Indian!

My style: I LOVE fashion but I am not a fashion-victim. I follow trends loosely and try to update my wardrobe to match them. I love heels, but prefer flats on normal working days. If I really have to put a cap on my style, I would say, I am comfy feminine chic with a edgy twist[I love my military boots paired with a girly dress]. On a normal day, you are most likely to find me in jeans and a girly blouse.

For Makeup: I love playing with makeup… I always have. I love creating different looks with a makeup brush – it can be your wand if you want it to. On my days off, you are most likely to catch me playing with colors, trying to create something different. But, when I get out of my house, I prefer to keep my look simple with a kohl and a lip gloss. A look I swear by for any occasion – Red lips and black cat eyes, you can never go wrong with it.

Keep reading my thoughts.