Best New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial Videos

Best New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial Videos

So the party’s planned, the dress is ready, but you have no idea of what your makeup is going to be like. I think it should be magically and glittery: something perfect to flaunt on that magically hour of the night when the clock strikes 12′ and the year comes to an end. Whether 2013 has been good to you or bad, its time to say goodbye to it and welcome 2014 looking your best.

Here are a few New Years Eve Party Makeup Video’s that I like the best and am taking inspiration from. I thought I will share them with you and spread the joy.

Best New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial Videos:

1. Michelle Phan’s Golden Hour, New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial: Of course Michelle comes first on my list. I have already told you how much I love here videos in my previous post! Here, Michelle does magic again with that wand[brush] of hers. Coppery gold eyes is what I am going for on the 31st night.

2.Dulce Candy’s Glittery Silver-Black, New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial: Silver and black are a classic combination. Add glitter to it and you are ready for that special night.

3. Lauren Curtis’s Silvern Black and Red,  New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial: I love this looks. So glittery, pretty and magically.

4. AndreasChoice’s Champagne Coppery, New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial: Again, perfect for the 31st night.

My favorite is Michelle Phan’s Golden Hour and that’s probably what I will be wearing on the 31st night. Which is yours?

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