Brighten and Whiten your Skin from Within – Glutone 1000 with EscorZ Review

Best vitamin C tablets in India

Best vitamin C tablets in India

All of us want beautiful, smooth, bright and clear skin free of any bumps and marks because after all, the skin is the biggest organ on our body that everybody can see. Its often said that what we eat is what we are and I did not believe it to be true until a few years ago when I started noticing tiny bumps and marks all over my skin. The bumps were mostly concentrated on my chin, around my nose and on my forehead while the marks were more prominent on my cheek area. These bumps and marks literally shadowed my features and beauty with their presence. That is when I unfortunately discovered that no matter how beautiful your features are, an unhealthy looking skin can make you look bad and dampen your confidence and break your spirit.

I met with a friend of mine who was studying nutrition at the time and she told me that these were signs of aging. She further elaborated that with age, women tend to get age spots and wrinkles and it is especially common these days as women are more stressed than ever with them going out to work every day and travelling in pollution and sun to do so.  Well, with power comes responsibility they say and in our case the responsibility is mostly about making that extra time and putting in that extra effort to take care of ourselves amid all our extensive commitments.  My friend also told me that I can delay aging by committing myself to a healthy lifestyle with nutritious diet that would help me meet my daily vitamin requirements and by also exercising. 

But here’s the thing, with my busy lifestyle, I don’t have the time to prep my meal always and end up eating out quite a lot which don’t exactly help me meet my daily nutritional requirements. But thank god for vitamin tablets. They help us keep our health in check by providing us with the required nutrition. Two such tablets that I swear by which has literally improved the quality of my skin tone is Glutone 1000 and EscorZ which I take together. Why I take these 2 together and how do they help? Well read on to know more.

What is Glutone 1000 and why is it important?

Best vitamin C tablets in India

Best vitamin C tablets in India

Glutone 1000 is a daily Glutathione supplement that comes in an effervescent tablet format. I usually drop 1 tablet it in a glass of water along with Escor Z to create a fizzy, citrusy drink and I drink this every day. 

What is Glutathione you ask? Well Glutathione is the body’s natural antioxidant which is critical for optimum health of every cell. It’s often referred to as the “master antioxidant” as it is essential for healthy immune function, detoxification, skin health and so on. Glutathione levels in our bodies decline with age and hence we see an increase in dark spots and other age related problems on our skin and body. 

Supplementing Glutathione orally is important to ensure healthy aging. Glutathione imparts skin lightening and anti-aging benefits. It works by encouraging production of lighter melanin pigment (pheomelanin) over its darker counterpart (eumelanin). Orally consumed Glutathione effectively lightens the skin and its regular consumption also helps to boost immunity, stamina and detoxification. 

Glutone 1000 is designed to harness skin lightening benefits of Glutathione and it contains the world’s best Glutathione called “SETRIA Glutathione” – the pioneer in Glutathione research on various health issues. SETRIA Glutathione is also GRAS approved.

Key ingredients is Glutone 1000 are

  1. L-Glutathione – helps in improving skin tone, is a master antioxidant, helps in reducing wrinkles and lightens the skin visibly
  2. Vitamin C –  helps to improve absorption of Glutathione, contributes to normal immune function & collagen synthesis, helps to increase intracellular stores of Glutathione and works mainly in synergy with Glutathione.
  3. N-Acetycysteine – itImproves body’s Glutathione level and helps reduce free radicals. 

Overall, Glutone 1000 has improved my uneven skin tone and has imparted glow and radiance to my skin.

What is Escor Z?

Escor Z is a Vitamin C supplement that comes in an effervescent tablet format. I take this along with Glutone 1000 and mix this in the same glass of water as Glutone 1000 and drink it every day. Escor Z is enriched with Phyllanthusembelica(Gooseberry/amla) extract which is considered as a rich source of Vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin.

Skin is always busy fighting with the enormous quantities of free radicals that are produced in our body when we are exposed to UV radiations, pollutions and chemicals. This free radical overload (FRO) interferes in the cellular metabolism as well as leads to collagen degradation and melanin overproduction. Balancing this FRO is important to ensure the health of the skin and also to prevent the loss of collagen. Phyllanthusembelica extract in Escor-Z is considered as a rich source of vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin. 

 Overall, Escor Z is very important to helps in neutralizing free radicals and lightens skin by reducing melanin pigment. It also increases production and transfer of anti ageing protein.

Why I consume Glutone 1000 and Escor Z together?

Though Glutone 1000 has vitamin C in it as an ingredient, it is not sufficient for effective results, hence EscorZ  provides that extra push for glutathione to work as it makes it easily absorbable in the body.Escor Z is the best Vitamin C supplement in the market. Because of its effervescent form it easily gets absorbed in the body and works along with glutathione tablets and gives effective results. 

How to consume them and when will you start seeing the results?

Add  1 tablet of glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2 mins for them to completely dissolve and then drink the water. The water tastes like a fizzy drink and is quite yummy. It is advised to consume daily in the morning, empty stomach. 

For effective and actual results, you have to take them for minimum 4 months and the results will be visible after 30+ days with optimum use and proper diet. 

Are there any side effects?

Both Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are health supplements and not medications, hence they are safe to consume without any side effects.

Where to buy them?

Overall Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are said to be the best skin improving combo out there in the market that have shown the most positive skin whitening results and have great reviews from its customers. Trusted by hundreds of doctors and celebrities across the country, ClickOnCare is the Largest Cosmaceutical, Dermaceutical & Nutraceutical Online store In India.

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