Gillette Venus Breeze Review in India

Gillette Venus Breeze Review in India

In the previous 2 posts I introduced Gillette Venus Breeze to you guys. I got to attend the launch event with Kalki Koechlin where Dr. Rashmi Shetty bust some of the shaving myths that I had been harboring since I started shaving. Some of them were quite interesting and I had to share them with you.

Some of the shaving myths you can say goodbye to:

Your hair grows back thicker and faster if you shave: This is one of the biggest shaving myth that we all harbor. Let me bust it for you – NO, your hair doesn’t grow back thicker or faster when you shave. You see, when you wax, you are pulling your hair out of the root, so it will take longer to grow back, but when you shave, it is cut at the skin level so you might feel like its growing back faster or thicker. The rate of hair growth remains the same regardless of the method you use.  Body doesn’t change its hair growth rate based on the tool you use.

You need to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth: This one took me by surprise. In old days when the razors were not as sharp as they are now, it was necessary for us to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. But with razors like the Gillette Venus Breeze, which comes with 3 close knit blades that ensure super close smooth shave, its quite unnecessary to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. You can shave in any direction and you will still get a super smooth shave none the less.

Its only men that shave, while we women need to wax: Ummm, this is an absolute sexiest misconception. Being a women doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shave. With us taking on more responsibilities each day, we hardly have time to take a waxing appointment or sit through the long process that waxing can be. Also, in order to wax, you need to allow your hair to grow back to a certain length as short hair can’t be waxed. But with us choosing to show off our legs, who has the patience to run around looking like a bear, waiting for the hair to grow back?

These are some of the shaving myths I wanted to bust.



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