Forever 21 Makeup Brushes in India:

How have you all been? Its been forever since I last wrote on the blog. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about my new additions – Forever21 Makeup Brushes.

I bought these on an impulse while checking out of the Forever21 store recently. The package was sealed and I did not open them or test them on my hand before buying because I just assumed that they would be good. I mean I usually end up loving all the Forever 21 stuff I buy so I expected to love these as well.

Forever 21 Makeup Brushes in India

Forever 21 Makeup Brushes in India

Sadly the truth is far from my expectations – these brushes are one of the worst I have used and I am not even exaggerating. The brush set comes with 6 brushes – Powder, Blush, Foundation, Shadow, Brow and Liner. I just used the powder brush once and decided to never try any of the rest again.

The bristles are rough – so rough that they can chap or bruise your skin. As a result, they don’t apply the product evenly. So if your eye catches these on your way out of Forever21, please ignore your impulse and skip buying these.

Price: INR 769 for a set of 6

Life Changes:

Glamour Journals on Instagram and Forever21 brushes in India

Glamour Journals on Instagram and Forever21 brushes in India

Now coming to the Life Changes. If you follow my blog then you will know that I have been MIA for a month now. Yeah, the last post I published was on the 7th of July. I am really sorry for going missing for so long. My life is going through an avalanche of changes and I am just getting acclimatized to them. But that’s no reason for me to completely ignore my blog and you guys. I will post at least twice a week from now and that’s my pledge to you! Writing and interacting with you all makes me happy and I won’t let go of that no matter what! So look forward to more regular posts starting now!

But I have been quite regular on Instagram, you can follow me there for daily updates!

Soon then,



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