I have been shaving since I was 14. I started off with a basic mens razor and then slowly shifted to Gillette Venus. When Gillette invited me for the launch of their new product Gillette Venus Breeze, I was more than happy to oblige. The event took place in The Oberoi, Bangalore. The event started with me having conversations about shaving with other fellow bloggers and soon, Kalki joined us along with Dr.Rashmi Shetty and lead makeup artist Namrata Soni for a educative session on busting shaving myths.

I must say, before attending the event, I thought I knew everything there was about shaving. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much more. What is so special about this new product you ask? Well to begin with, the razor comes with moisture gel bars which eliminates the need to use soap/shaving gel before hand. Being a lazy girl that I am, this is a sheer blessing. Apart form that, the razor has 3 closely knit blades that gives you a super close shave. I was quite happy to learn about all these during the event.

Once the product was unveiled, the three guests of honor then went on to bust shaving myths. I learned quite a lot during this session. For example, did you know that it is not necessary to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth as we are so often told ? This held true during the primitive times when the razors din’t come with closely knit blades. With the introduction of Breeze, which has super close blades, shaving in the opposite direction is quite unnecessary. There were a dozen more myths that was bust but I am going to be talking about it in a separate post.

After the fun educative session, we continued the conversations over food, which was delicious. I left the event with lessons learnt and new friends made.

I am going to reviewing the product and writing about shaving myths in a separate post.



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