#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

*Shhhh, come closer so I can whisper my secrets to you. You have to swear you won’t tell anyone about them. Anyone. Pinky promise?*

I keep getting a lot of emails from you asking me about my beauty secrets, my selfie secrets, my makeup secrets and my diet secrets. I will reveal my secrets to you today. And if you reveal your secrets back to me[in the comments below], 5 of you lucky chaps will have a chance to win gift hampers from ZA Shiseido!

#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

But first you have to promise me that you will take my secrets to the grave with you and not reveal it to anyone.

#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

 #BeautySecret: How do you have such beautiful skin?

I actually don’t have *such* a beautiful skin, my skin is ok. Lighting when taking photos makes all the difference. But I do work hard on my skin and follow a skin care routine. One beauty secret I swear by is green tea ice cubes. I rub my face every night with green tea ice cubes before applying moisturizer. Green tea is rich in anti oxidants and helps fight free radicals in your skin. Free radicals are responsible for aging. Green tea also has anti bacterial properties. Therefore, by using green tea ice cubes every night, you are fighting aging and acne naturally.

#SelfieSecrets: How do you take such pretty selfies on Instagram?

I use an app called Wonder Camera. That app takes the best selfies possible. The normal front camera in my mobile sucks – it blurs and adds a lot of noise. Wonder Camera on the other hand, reduces noise, adds light, highlights my best features and just generally takes better pictures! Try it to believe it.

#MakeupSecret: What is the one makeup item you think will make me look prettier?

one makeup item I will suggest is the eyebrow pencil. Defining eyebrows will make you look so much more prettier and put together. The effect is very subtle but makes a HUGE difference. That’s my secret for everyday, rush hours.

#DietSecret: What’s your exercise routine/diet plan? How are you so thin?

I actually don’t have any. I don’t religiously exercise or fuss about healthy eating . I know it sounds awful but between having a job and a blog, I really don’t get the time to visit a gym. But even if I did have time, I wouldn’t, I hate gyms, those machines look like monsters to me. But I do take stairs whenever possible, [try very hard but fail like 80% of the time to] avoid junk. One thing I can advice is  to never skip your breakfast. Eating breakfast will activate your metabolism for the day and burns food faster.

#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

#SecretsRevealed Contest by ZA Shiseido

Those are my secrets! Now its your turn to reveal your secrets to me and 5 lucky girls can win Shiseido’s  Za True White products!

Rules of the contest:

Comment below and tell me any two of your secrets with the hash tag #SecretsRevealed and subscribe to my email service here[do remember to verify your subscription through your email].

I will go through the comments and subscription list and pick 5 winners. Contest closes on 2nd August! Hurry.

and shhhhh,

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