Something really exciting happened a few weeks back. If you are following me on any social media, you know what I am talking about – I went to Abu Dhabi to attend #VIVOSIIMA and it was amazing. I got to experience a new city, its culture and food, I got to meet several stars and watch them perform live on stage whilst celebrating their winnings. While I have documented all of it on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I had to record it on my blog purely for the fact that, the things that I document on my blog, stays here forever[unless there is an online apocalypse] while as the things I record on Instagram or other social channels are usually lost in all the noise after a few minutes of glory. My blog is completely my platform and a single search on Google will turn up the topics I have ever written. And so, I make sure to document all the important experiences, whether its personal or professional, on my blog. SIIMA awards is one of them.

To be honest, at the very beginning of my SIIMA journey, I was not really that excited to be attending an award show as I am never really star struck. But as the entire event unfolded, I could not help but let the infectious excitement get to me. SIIMA was divided into two nights of celebrations – one for the technical awards and one for the main awards. We landed in the beautiful, hot land of Abu Dhabi on the technical nights and were immediately engulfed by its beauty. Abu Dhabi is a land of beautiful mosques, huge man-made monoliths and mall culture. We stayed at Dusit Thani along with all the stars. The hotel is beautiful with stunning views of the city from all angles. The award event itself was a lot of fun and I got to wear a black and a white gown for the two nights respectively. We interviewed quite a lot of stars from our Vivo booth looking gorgeous ourselves. I got to visit the grand mosque on the last day of my stay and I absolutely loved it. That was a small synopsis of my stay at Abu Dhabi. But pictures speaks better than words, so enjoy!













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