Travel Essentials for Dubai – Four Things to Pack In

One of the prettiest cities in the world surrounded by those gorgeous sand dunes and pristine beaches, Dubai has been on my bucket list for ages. Being a shopaholic, I’ve been dreaming of gliding down the extensive shopping malls and flea markets and overloading my bags. But I have been doing a lot of research and have zeroed on the essentials one would need to travel, based on the recommendations given by my friends who have been to this wonderland.


One thing you have to remember before planning a trip to Dubai is that you need to save up – so you can splurge on the those shopping trips – and some upbeat nightlife – the pictures of the clubs that I have seen such as the Club Boudoir and XL Dubai are absolutely crazy and will lure you into saving up for that one big trip. You can however cut down on expenses by choosing smart accommodation or budget Dubai hotels and also by pre-booking your flights during offer periods. Keep a check on offers for Gulf Air, my friends are definitely recommending their services.

Getting down to the packing guide for Dubai, if your summers are destined to be in Dubai, make sure that you at least carry these essentials so that your trip can be an excellent one!


Well, you will need lots of summer clothing which are loose and breathable so that the heat does not get to you. Dubai is known to be humid with a very strong sun so light-coloured clothes which more or less cover your body is a good option as you do not want to get burned. Also avoid wearing very revealing outfits since Dubai is slightly conservative, and it is always a good idea to keep to keep a shayla (headscarf), an abaya (a long gown) or a jilbab (a long trench-like coat) handy to cover up in traditional places like mosques, souks and other conservative areas.

But that does not mean you don’t get to dress up! Dubai is filled with beaches and clubs so make sure you pack in some of your sexiest bikinis and those lovely dresses for the night clubs. Also, don’t forget to pack in warm clothing like a pashmina shawl and some comfortable sweaters and jackets because the place, being a desert, can become really chilly at night.


There’s really no restrictions on shoes but transport in Dubai is expensive which means you may have to walk around quite a bit. The best way to do that – packin some of your most comfortable sneakers in all sorts of quirky designs to be comfortable as well as grab those eyeballs. You can also pack in a couple of running shoes if you are planning to go for a jog around the beach.

Talking about the beach – you know flip-flops are a must to be around the water. But don’t forget to pack in some heels for the club and some boots for the desert as well.


Dubai is one elegant city where you cannot but help yourself dress-up. Get yourself some day-long totes which will help you carry around everything you need from makeup and water bottles to an extra pair of clothes. Scarves and sunglasses are a must to protect yourself from the sun, so make sure you’re carrying at least one pair of shades (make sure it’s polarized) and a few scarves. Scarves will not only help you cover up in the sun and mix into the local crowd, they are also a great way to pump up your outfits with a dash of colour.  Don’t forget to pack in a pashmina at least because the nights and shopping mall ACs can get chilly and uncomfortable.

Sunscreen and Anti-Tan Packs:

I have heard that one may have to use copious amount of sunscreen to avoid being burnt during the days. Knowing my skin and the troubles it can cause, it seems like I’d definitely need a bucket load of it every day. Pack up sunscreens which protect you both against UVA and UVB rays with a minimum SPF of 50.

It would also be ideal to carry some of your favourite skin repairing or anti-tan packs to soothe your skin at the end of a long day. Look for ones which contain multani mitti or lemon, as they are quick to minimise the effects of sun damage. If you cannot carry your masks, go the old-fashioned way and run your skin with lime juice and sugar for instant relief.

This is just a basic list of things that you will need to visit this lovely place but make sure you keep enough space to bring back your shopping treasures. So when are you headed out?



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